Building and contents insurance

The types of insurance you should consider include building insurance and contents insurance.

Building Insurance
You need buildings insurance to protect against small events that would otherwise be costly to repair such as a broken window, so disastrous events like a house fire which would otherwise mean you could still owe a mortgage but have no property to live in.

Contents Insurance
You need contents insurance to protect against things like a carpet damaged by a paint spill, or to replace furnishings and contents following a fire or water damage.

Advice is vital nowadays to make sure your policy will cover you fully, and to make sure you have considered all the options. Just like personal protection, it is easy to find a cheap policy online, but it is also easy to miss out some key elements of what your policy will cover you for. Relying on Premier Property Solutions will make sure you have the right cover at the best price.

As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.